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Welcome to the official website of ELZEK MultiLink Services & Investment [EMSI] Limited...

MINING: EMSI ltd has acquired Federal Government of Nigeria license for copper ore mine site and we are also processing acquisition of lead ore, Beryllium ore, Tungsten ore, Tantalite ore and other solid mineral license mine sites;
 We therefore welcome Partners with capital and know-how in mechanized mining.
Investors with capital and relevant technical know-how are invited to go into joint venture business in any of the following areas:
-Manufacture/Assembly of solar powered equipment
*Solar powered air conditioner & refrigerator
-Trading: Dealership/Manufacturers' representative for products that has market in Nigeria
*Truck & car tyres
*Refrigerant gas etc

Calling for Joint Venture with Technical Partner/Investor


    Elzek Multilink Service & Investment Ltd (EMSI) has a mine site for copper ore with license from the Federal Government of Nigeria. License is also being processed for Tin ore and Tantalite ore sites.
    Technical Partners/Investors are invited to join in Joint Venture Business to exploit these solid minerals for direct exportation on processed in Nigeria before exporting.


    EMSI Ltd plans to process solid minerals by refining into billets and ingots, such minerals from our min sites including other mine sites from within Nigeria.
    We therefore invite Technical Partners/Investors who are willing and able to join in a Joint Venture Business. Prospective Technical Partners are therefore requested to contact us through the company's website/e-mail address as will be found on the website.


    EMSI Limited is interested and is planning to manufacture ethanol as Biofuel or ethanol for industrial applications using cassava tuber fresh or dry cassava chips.

    OPPORTUNITIES: With the current trend in blending of gasoline with ethanol and various industrial applications, demand for ethanol will continue to increase locally and internationally. There is also encouragement from Federal Government of Nigeria and governments/international organisations worldwide.

    STRENGTH: Nigeria is the largest producer of cassava and can produce a lot more to cater for ethanol production through the rural population who are either unemployed or underemployed. Also a lot of unemployed graduates can be motivated to into mechanized production of cassava via co-operative societies.

    EMSI Limited has acquired adequate land to site the factory at the outskirt of IBADAN city close to the rural area where cassava can be cultivated.
    International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) located in Ibadan has developed high yielding cassava varieties with as high as 30 MT - 40 MT/ha an increase of 200-300%. This is expected to reduce cost of ethanol production with a price that will be internationally competitive.

    EMSI Limited lack the required Technology/Know-how, we are therefore calling for Technical Partner to join EMSI Limited in a Joint Venture business for Ethanol manufacturing.
    EMSI Limited is therefore calling on prospective technical partner for discussion on this project.

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